ProTech Light Orthotics Prethotics®

Prethotics® for the Light Orthotics UV custom-molding system


 Available Exclusively Through Medical Professionals


Using safe, clean UV technology, the flexible Prethotic is cured directly on the patient’s foot, enabling an accurate and consistent arch fit and heel cup shape. The Prethotic consists of unidirectional, non-woven fibers and light-curing resin for strength and flexibility without bulk, which cure into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes. The patient receives comfortable, custom orthotics in one office visit for immediate relief of foot pain.

Covered under US Patent 10,182,615 and 10,470,522 & Australian Patent 2016289279. International Patents Pending.

As low as $75.00
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  • Safe, clean UV technology
  • Cured directly on the patient’s foot
  • Strength and flexibility without bulk
  • Can be modified as needed (see Powerstep’s Orthotic Modification Kit)
  • Full length, breathable foam
  • Shock absorbing heel pad
  • Enables an accurate and consistent arch and heel cup fit
  • Cures into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes
  • Full foot cushioning
  • PORON® Cushion open-cell foam, Blue
  • EVA foam base, Black
  • Polyester fabric top cover with anti-microbial protection, Gray
  • Built-in PORON® Cushion shock-absorbing heel insert
  • Advanced, lightweight composite support shell:
  • Textile fabric, blue
  • Flexible, multi-axial stitched fiberglass