ProTech Light Orthotics 3/4 Length Prethotics®

Prethotics® for the Light Orthotics UV custom-molding system


 Available Exclusively Through Medical Professionals


Using safe, clean UV technology, the flexible 3/4 length Prethotic is cured directly on the patient’s foot, enabling an accurate and consistent arch fit and heel cup shape. The Prethotic consists of unidirectional, non-woven fibers and light-curing resin for strength and flexibility without bulk, which cure into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes. The patient receives comfortable, custom orthotics in one office visit for immediate relief of foot pain.

The 3/4 length is ideal for tighter-fitting or low-profile shoes, and the shock-absorbing heel pad helps cushion the impact of heel strikes.

Covered under US Patent 10,182,615 and 10,470,522 & Australian Patent 2016289279. International Patents Pending.

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  • Safe, clean UV technology
  • Cured directly on the patient’s foot
  • Strength and flexibility without bulk
  • Can be modified as needed (see Powerstep’s Orthotic Modification Kit)
  • Breathable foam
  • Shock absorbing heel pad
  • Enables an accurate and consistent arch and heel cup fit
  • Cures into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes
  • Ideal for tighter-fitting or low-profile shoes
  • EVA closed-cell foam base, Black
  • Suede-like top cover, brushed nylon, Black
  • Built-in PORON® Cushion shock-absorbing heel insert
  • Advanced, lightweight composite support shell
  • Textile fabric, Gray
  • Flexible, multi-axial stitched fiberglass