IPK Ball of Foot Cushions, Pair

These foot cushion inserts are self-adhesive foam pads that are placed under the ball of the foot. Hollowed pressure relief area allows IPK to float suspended, eliminating the pressure and pain with each step.

Ideal for alleviating pressure from second or third ray dropped metatarsal heads and deep calluses, Intractable Plantar Keratoma (IPK).

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  • Hallowed pressure relief area
  • Cushioning foam
  • Adhesive backing
  • Cushioning and pressure relief for Intractable Plantar Keratoma (IPK)
  • Allows IPK to float suspended
  • Eliminates the pressure and pain with each step
  • Stays in place
  • PORON® Cushion, ¼”, Blue
  • Adhesive tape tab backing
  • Indications: Intractable Plantar Keratoma (IPK), Ball of foot pain