PowerStep Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which PowerStep product I need?

PowerStep products should be selected based on your activity level, foot condition, shoe type and the amount of cushioning and support you need. The majority of our insoles use the same polypropylene arch support shape but vary by cushion thickness, arch strength (most are moderate support) or additional feature:

  • Length – Full length provides full cushion from heel to toe and is ideal for athletic and casual shoes with more room. Remove the shoe’s factory insole before inserting your PowerStep insole. Our ¾ length insoles are better for tighter-fitting shoes with less room.
  • Met Pad – Met pads rest behind the ball of foot to help spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to help alleviate pain from the bones/nerves rubbing together (Morton’s neuroma). Met pads can be built into the insole (Pinnacle Plus) or added separately.
  • Heel Post – Individuals with collapsed ankles or moderate to severe pronation benefit from a medial heel post that gives additional lift and correction to the ankle. Most of our insoles are neutral heel with no heel post.
  • Arch height – Most of our insoles have a neutral arch height which works for most people. We also have a Low Arch option for those with flat feet that cannot tolerate much support and a High Arch option for individuals with high or supinated feet. Not sure what arch type you have? Click here to learn more.
  • Arch strength – A firmer arch support is suitable for those needing more support and stability.

Use the insole finder tool below, or feel free to contact Customer Service at 888-237-3668 to discuss your needs and our selection.


What is PowerStep’s Satisfaction Guarantee?

We stand behind our products and always guarantee them to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. There is a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the plastic foot support (inside casing) when used under normal conditions. If you are not satisfied with your product within 30 days, please return it to your place of purchase for a refund or exchange. If you purchased the item from powerstep.com, please contact customer service at 1-888-237-3668. PowerStep products purchased from unauthorized resellers are not covered under our Satisfaction Guarantee.


When should I replace my insoles?

We recommend replacing your insoles when you begin to notice a decrease in comfort or support. Several factors affect the wear of the product, such as activity, usage and foot structure, but under normal casual wear, your PowerSteps should last 6 months or longer. You can expect the product life to be significantly shorter if you wear the same pair daily or wear during rigorous activity such as running. PowerStep insoles are designed using the highest quality cushioning foams and supportive materials possible but even these high quality materials will break down over time with extended wear and tear.


Can PowerStep insoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?

Yes, the insoles can be easily removed and placed into a different pair of shoes. We recommend purchasing a pair of orthotics for each pair of shoes to help extend the product life.


Which style of PowerStep insoles is recommended for running shoes?

We recommend the PULSE® line of performance insoles for vigorous activities such as running. The PULSE® insoles are designed with advanced cushioning and more durable materials.


Why can’t I purchase ProTech styles online?

The professional-grade ProTech line is only available through medical providers. They are not available for purchase online. Use our dealer locator to find a medical professional near you.


How do I care for my PowerStep insoles?

Spot clean with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry and ensure fully dry before inserting back into shoes.


What PowerSteps are recommended for Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the main conditions PowerStep products are recommended to treat. Our PowerStep insoles with polypropylene support shells are proven effective in clinical studies in reducing foot pain and increasing comfort. View our clinical data here. You can combine insoles with a Plantar Fasciitis support sock during the day and use the UltraStretch Night Sock for night or rest for optimal around-the-clock treatment of plantar fasciitis.


Are PowerSteps recommended for over-pronation?

Yes! Over-pronation is when your foot rolls inward, putting strain on the soft tissues of the foot and leading to pain and fatigue. PowerStep insoles use a polypropylene support shell with heel cradle to hold your foot in proper alignment for improved biomechanics. For more severe over-pronation, use a posted heel like the Pinnacle Maxx for additional correction.


I have high arches. Will PowerStep help my feet?

Yes! High arched and supinated feet are tight and rigid feet and benefit from cushioning to help redistribute the pressure from the ball of the foot and heel. Try our Pinnacle High Arch to support the higher instep, or for more cushioning, use the ComfortLast gel insole to redistribute the pressure points.


Do PowerStep products contain latex?

PowerStep insoles are latex free. The Fusion Recovery footwear may have a small amount of latex on the outer (bottom) sole.


Can I trim my insoles?

Because most of our styles are sized by full shoe sizes, our insoles offer a true-to-size fit without any trimming. However, should trimming be required, our products can be trimmed to fit as necessary. Use the factory insole/liner from your shoe as a template for trimming for the best fit.


The PowerStep I purchased isn’t working for me. Can I return it?

If you are not satisfied with your PowerStep product, please return to the place of purchase for return or exchange. If you purchased the item direct from PowerStep or powerstep.com, please view our Shipping & Returns Policy here.


What are Archmolds heat moldable insoles and what are the benefits?

Archmolds products can be heat-molded to offer a customized fit to your unique foot shape, giving full contact support for the foot. Archmolds insoles are ready to wear out of the box and don’t have to be heated or trimmed to wear. With continued use the Archmolds will form to your foot structure naturally. Archmolds are available in 5 styles – the Maximum is the most cushioned for greatest comfort and the Lean offers a low profile design for those preferring a slimmer insole for running shoes, tighter fitting shoes, skates or ski boots.

How do I heat-mold my Archmolds?

Archmolds insoles are ready to wear out of the box and don’t have to be heated or trimmed to wear. With continued use the Archmolds will form to your foot structure naturally in a couple of days. To heat-mold Archmolds:

  1. Preheat oven or toaster oven to 225° F. If possible, loosen shoes before starting. Remove all padding from inside of shoes, such as factory inserts or insoles. Make sure to note the RIGHT or LEFT foot on the bottom of each insole. Test-fit the insole by positioning as far back towards the heel as possible. Insole can be trimmed for a better fit, using the shoes’ original insole as a guide.
  2. Heat one insole at a time. Place insole on middle rack with temperature tab facing outward. Check the color of the temperature tab after 90 seconds. Remove the insole once the white tab turns black. If the white temperature tab hasn’t turned black at this time, leaving insole in oven for an additional 15 seconds and check again. Check every 15 seconds until the temperature tab turns black. (May take up to 5 minutes). DO NOT OVERHEAT.
  3. Quickly place Archmolds into loosened shoe. While wearing socks, place foot in shoe. Stand on insole with knees slightly bent for 1 minute to set. Molded insoles may require a break-in period to adjust to insole. Archmolds can be remolded up to 5 times.