Flat Feet Pain Relief and Prevention

Why do you need arch support for flat feet? A flat foot arch can cause pain and discomfort in your mornings. If you have a high arch, which is the type where your heels sink into the floor but your toes are lifted off the ground, then your foot arch can easily become a problem, because the muscles that are responsible for lifting your feet from flat feet become weak.
7 days ago

Claw Toe Treatment, Prevention, and Correction

A claw toe is an extremely painful toe deformity which causes the toe to bend downwards into a claw-like shape. It is caused by a strain on the lower end of the digit, and are most common in the 2nd through 5th toes.
14 days ago

Trail Running and Appropriate Footwear/Support

Trail running is an enjoyable sports activity that combines hiking and running, often on any unpaved natural surface. It is very similar to mountain running, except that it involves much less physical exertion than mountain running. Mountain running can also include more dangerous rocky sections and more extreme elevations. Because the trails in nature are often very rugged and unpredictable, it is easy to injure oneself when unprepared.
15 days ago

All About Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by high levels of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is a byproduct of the breakdown of waste products in the body, usually through excessive consumption of certain foods. Very painful and disfiguring, gout is fortunately easily treatable in most patients.
22 days ago

Healthy Habits for Walking

Walking is such a great choice because it provides a low-impact aerobic activity that provides numerous health benefits. Keeping this in mind while walking, you’ll feel a self-sustaining motivation, that you’re improving your mental and physical health just by walking. And the more you do it, the better you get at it!
29 days ago

Performance Insoles for Cycling

Powerstep PULSE Performance Insoles are the perfect match for most cycling footwear. Although the label might suggest these insoles are specially made for running shoes, they also provide the same support and comfort sought out by cyclists. Forget the distracting bumps on your route, and enjoy a ride with smoother feeling pedals and gear shifts.
1 month ago

Healthy Eating for Healthy Running

Keeping yourself at peak performance for your running is more than just choosing the right running shoes and insoles. If you are an athlete, you already know that your body needs rest after intense physical activities. You also may think this applies only to professional athletes on the field. The fact is that runners of all skill levels need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, which includes a proper mix of nutrition and rest, as well as the proper-fitting footwear and arch supporting insoles.
1 month ago

Pain Relief and Prevention for America's Front Line Workers

For over 30 years, PowerStep has been providing pain relief and prevention for footwear and lower body pain for the working people of America. The PowerStep Insole with orthotic arch support provides long term pain relief, allowing for greater mobility. As mobility is becoming even more important to today's workers, the need for orthotics has increased.
2 months ago

Heel Pain Relief and Prevention

Unfortunately, many who are suffering from heel pain don't know how or where to find the source. Often the pain may worsen when you get up in the morning, or when you move your foot a certain way, and it could hurt only while bearing weight or only while not standing.

2 months ago

How to (not) Wear High Heels

Are you a fan of stylish shoes who wants to know how to wear fashionable high heels without endangering your feet? This article will help. If you have painful problem areas in your foot, such as bunions, corns, or calluses, you may benefit from foot orthotics or some other foot care products that do not involve high heels. Or if high heels are absolutely in your future, learn to keep them away.

2 months ago