Which Back Support Belts are the Best?

When we are young, our backs are strong and resilient, and when we are elderly, they become weak. For this reason, you need to make sure that you are wearing the best posture corrector belts that you can afford, and that you are wearing them properly. This way, you can prevent the aching back and other muscle injuries which can occur as a result of bad posture.
13 days ago

Knee Pain Explained - Seeking Relief and Prevention

Knee pain can be a very frustrating and widespread problem affecting athletes, runners, and people of all kinds. The knee itself is made up of four bones: The Femur(thigh bone), Patella (knee cap), Fibula and Tibia (small and large shin bones, respectively). There is a system of muscles and tendons which attach the bones to the knee, as well as other cartilage and ligaments that help support and stabilize the knee. Any type of trauma that occurs to any of these will lead to knee pain.
16 days ago

Sesamoiditis Pain Relief and Prevention

Sesamoiditis is a certain type of tendonitis. Since these sesamoid bones are connected on both sides by tendons and aren't anchored in place, they are subject to the very same strain and movements as the tendons themselves. When these tendons are overused or overly strained, they become inflamed and cause sesamoiditis pain, swelling and other unpleasant symptoms.
20 days ago

Ankle Pain Explained

Ankle pain is a very common ailment and it can be very difficult to diagnose, mainly because it is often not debilitating. However, it can be effectively treated if timely diagnosis is done and adequate treatment followed. In order to understand what ankle pain is explained, we need to understand the causes and the types of this ailment.
21 days ago

Choosing a Wrist Support Brace

When it comes to choosing a wrist support brace, it can be overwhelming. There are many options in price, material, design, and features. The important thing is to determine what kind of wrist support is best for your arthritis. If you want to know more about the different choices of wrist braces available, read on:
27 days ago

Diabetic Neuropathy and Proprioception

Providing a more cushioned surface, shoe inserts or insoles can relieve pain from sentitivity to hard surfaces from fluid build-up in the feet. Additionally, to combat the numbness, shoe insoles leverage something called proprioception—the use of textures or areas of raised cushioning under the feet and toes increases the wearer's perception of where their feet are in relation to themselves, resulting in overall improved balance during walking and standing.
29 days ago

Why Don't Comfortable Shoes Fix Arch Pain?

If your shoes are the correct size and they fit comfortably, but your arch is always cramping in pain, you may want to take a closer look. Arch pain is caused by a strain on the plantar fascia: the thick, rubbery band of tissue that runs from the heel bone to the base of the toes. When a person wears shoes with poor arch support for any length of time, the plantar fascia will be overstretched and begin to strain. This can result in small tears forming at the site of stress, and the painful condition of this damage plus the inflammation caused, is called plantar fasciitis.
1 month ago

Introducing PowerStep bridge - Where Comfort Meets Support

These innovative insoles were designed with PowerStep’s arch shape and enhanced to allow energize and memory foam comfort to be felt where it’s needed most. PowerStep is pleased to to offer this all-in-one solution for every insole need – whether running, walking, or working… bridge is pain-relief, simplified.
1 month ago

Flat Feet Pain Relief and Prevention

Why do you need arch support for flat feet? A flat foot arch can cause pain and discomfort in your mornings. If you have a high arch, which is the type where your heels sink into the floor but your toes are lifted off the ground, then your foot arch can easily become a problem, because the muscles that are responsible for lifting your feet from flat feet become weak.
1 month ago

Claw Toe Treatment, Prevention, and Correction

A claw toe is an extremely painful toe deformity which causes the toe to bend downwards into a claw-like shape. It is caused by a strain on the lower end of the digit, and are most common in the 2nd through 5th toes.
2 months ago