Ball of Foot Pain Relief, Prevention, and Treatment

Ball of Foot Pain Relief Prevention and Treatment

Also known as "ball of feet," metatarsals are the thickest part of the feet. "Metatarsal Dysplasia" as it's commonly known in medical circles is the abnormal development of the metatarsals in the feet.


Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms - What to Look For and What to Do When It Gets Serious

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms and Treatment

Plantar fasciitis is characterized by pain, inflammation, and a reduction in mobility in the heel, especially after standing or walking for long periods.

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Fresh New Look, Same Great Product.

Our packaging design has been updated to improve shopping at a glance, top fabrics feature a fun new pattern, and each product is stamped with a unique logo for better identification. But don’t worry—these revisions are only skin-deep.
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Fallen Arches: Give Your Feet the Support They Deserve

Arch Support for Fallen Arches

We’ve all heard the terms "flat feet" or "fallen arches". But what does having fallen arches actually mean? Contrary to the flat footed jokes you may have heard from your friends in school, having flat feet from fallen arches can cause weakness and pain throughout your body. This article will examine what fallen arches are, the causes of fallen arches, and solutions available to help with flat feet.

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Ancillary Services - Providing More Pieces of the Treatment Puzzle

Most of us will treat plantar fasciitis and other biomechanical problems with a pair of prefabricated or custom functional foot orthotics. While most of the time the orthotics in closed shoes will help to correct the problem and provide the patient with relief, what happens when they do not wear the orthotics? This is especially true in the summer months when patients, who have lived in closed shoes and sneakers for months, now start to live in sandals or the dreaded flip-flops.

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5 Common Childhood Foot Injuries

National Foot Health Awareness Month is upon us! Join us in celebrating by getting to know your feet a little better.


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Celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month - Know Your Feet!

National Foot Health Awareness Month is upon us! Join us in celebrating by getting to know your feet a little better.


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Office Reopening? PowerStep Insoles are Here to Help!

Now that offices (and the world) are reopening, we are all looking at the reality of getting back into some shoes we haven’t worn in quite some time. Other than form-fitting sports shoes that kept us active over the pandemic, just about anything we wear is going to feel immediately unnatural and uncomfortable compared to our comfy house slippers for the first few days. We’re here to help!

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Guide - How to Choose the Right Orthotic Insoles for You

Insoles come in all different shapes and sizes, and people wear them for different reasons. We have mapped out a step-by-step guide to help you narrow down your search.

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Winter Hiking Checklist – What to Bring on the Trail

Winter hiking gear is a must for staying safe and comfortable on the trail during the off season. Use this winter hiking checklist as a starting point for gearing up.

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