Winter Hiking Checklist – What to Bring on the Trail

Winter hiking gear is a must for staying safe and comfortable on the trail during the off season. Use this winter hiking checklist as a starting point for gearing up.

5 days ago

Escape Hammer Toe - Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes!

If you're suffering from hammer toe, the main thing to do is stop doing damage. Using the best products for hammer toe, and avoiding these five mistakes are major points to take to heart.

10 days ago

Finding Arch Support in a Flat Foot World

Finding the Right Arch Support for Flat Feet

A significant proportion of the population has flat feet—also commonly known as fallen arches—and for most, the condition does not affect daily life. However, for some, it can result in pain in the feet, legs and back. For these people, getting the proper arch supports for flat feet is essential to living life to the fullest.

12 days ago

PULSE® - Performance Orthotics Made by Athletes for Athletes

Is Your PULSE Racing?

PowerStep's PULSE® Performance Insoles were designed by athletes for athletes, specifically for use in advanced running shoes during rigorous athletic activity.

13 days ago

4 Signs You Should Get New Shoe Inserts

Have you checked your insoles lately?

Inserts for shoes are an excellent way to get the support you need without a custom orthotic constructed by your podiatrist. But even the best shoe insoles don’t last forever.

17 days ago

Metatarsalgia: Common Causes and Quick Remedies

This deviously simple malady can leave even the most fit and active among us in too much pain to walk properly. In short, metatarsalgia is no joke.
18 days ago

Beginner’s Guide to Compression Socks: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Compression is good for the sole ;)

If you’re new to the world of compression therapy, come check out this crash course in compression socks and how they can benefit your specific needs.

19 days ago

5 Mistakes that Prevent Morton's Neuroma Pain Relief

If you’ve had Morton’s neuroma before, or think you could be at risk, here are five mistakes to avoid to prevent any serious problems and keep you on your feet, pain-free.
20 days ago

Natural Remedies for Heel Spur Pain

Heel spurs (or bone spurs) are calcium growths on the bottom of the heel that point to the arch of your foot, often causing extreme pain. We can help!
23 days ago